RISA Overseas is dedicated in providing high quality services and one stop solution from sourcing of metal scrap to delivery at client’s doorstep. We are strongly committed in creating best platform for buyers and sellers to get the deal affected whereby all involved are equally benefitted. Our business process includes the following services to clientele in metal scrap industry.

  • We are importer and exporter of Ferrous – Non Ferrous Metal Scrap and Other types of scraps.
  • We are major supplier and trader of metal scrap and other various scrap based on market needs.
  • We act as Indenter for various clients and source scrap as per specific requirements.
  • We do trade in various scrap in different countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE etc.
  • We do help clients in onsite inspection in many countries whereby our business associates are present.
  • We also trade in domestic market within India helping smaller clients who are not really connected to global world.
  • We are agents of many metal scrap yards in different countries and we intend to keep growing in this direction.
  • We do long term collaboration agreement and contract to expand our client base and create a win -win situation platform buyers and sellers of metal scrap.